Colombia Lus Mari Chicunque
Colombia Lus Mari Chicunque
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Colombia Lus Mari Chicunque

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This Single Farm Colombia has a medium body, rich milk chocolate tones and candy apple sweetness.


About Lus Mari Chicunque

Community: Los Alpes 

Farm Name: La Falda 

Producer: Lus Mari Chicunque 

Association: FUDAM 

Altitude: 1700-2000 masl 

Variety: Caturra & Castillo 

Process: Washed Fermentation 15 hours wet 

Drying: 8-10 days on raised beds under parabolic dryer or cement patio

Raquel is an innovative leader that inspires the best work from her community and gives it in return. More recently, she’s formed a group within FUDAM called Manos de Mujeres, focused on the empowerment of women growers within her community, with projects ensuring they see a fair 50% of farm profits and a goal of opening an organic fertilizer facility. Currently in the process of becoming certified Fair Trade Organic, FUDAM is a perfect example of how community investment can and should represent an investment in quality. Processing is done in traditional smallholder fashion — coffee fruit is manually depulped by either hand or rigged with motors, fermentation occurs in small concrete or tiled tanks and sometimes plastic buckets, then, washing is done in the same tanks. Parabolic dryers are common, though covered patios are found on occasion.