Ethiopia Goro Muda
Ethiopia Goro Muda
Ethiopia Goro Muda
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Ethiopia Goro Muda

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Light and Crisp with notes of dried strawberry, blackberry and vanilla soda


About Goro Muda

Origin: Ethiopia

Zone: Guji

Woreda: Uraga

Company: Welichu Wachu

Altitude: 1900-2300masl

Variety: Ethiopia Landraces

Process: Natural 

At some of Ethiopia’s most extreme altitudes lies Guji’s Uraga region, a dense, mountainous forest that spans almost a thousand miles. Within this immense forest lies an array of distinct subregions, where we source some of the most extraordinary and sought-after coffees we see anywhere in the world. Uraga coffees are profoundly nuanced with a piquant florality and a bright, complex acidity like lime and bergamot backed by stone fruit sweetness like ripe peach. When we taste Guji coffees, we look for that taste that we describe as almost scallion-like when fresh, which ripens into that unparalleled florality on arrival. This year, we’re even more excited about Uraga due to a new sourcing partnership with an old friend: Dagne Chomen of Welichu Wachu. Years ago, Dagne ran QC for the Oromia Cooperative Union. We connected way back then and spent a ton of time selecting coffee together. Cupping with Dagne continues to be a euphoric experience. He loves not only cupping, but understands the likes and dislikes of the people he is cupping with. He has a knack for knowing exactly what we are looking for. Like many other critical supply chain partners we met through Oromia Union, Dagne moved on, worked for private exporters for a few years, then more recently opened his central washing station Welichu Wachu collecting coffee from all over Uraga’s vast forests.