Colombia Juvenal Penna
Colombia Juvenal Penna
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Colombia Juvenal Penna

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This rich and well balanced Colombia has tasting notes of dark chocolate, dried apricot and lemon. It's a great daily drinker that is awesome as espresso as well.


About Juvenal Penna



Department: Cauca  

Province: Inza 

Municipality: Pedregal 

Community: Agua Blanca 

Altitude: 1800-2000 masl 

Variety: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo 

Process: Washed 

Fermentation: 36-46 hours 

Drying: Raised beds under 

Deep in the interior of Colombia’s department of Cauca lies the province of Inzá,  known in Colombia as La Tierra Adentro. On a good day, it is a two hour drive from  Popayán and La Plata in either direction, but frequent mudslides and road closures mean  it’s often not easily accessible. On clear days in the village of Inzá, one can see straight up  to the Nevado del Huila, the highest volcano in Colombia. The famous Paez river runs  east through the valley, connecting Cauca and Huila. Very little coffee is grown below  1750 masl with a great portion growing at 1900 masl. Caturra, Castillo, and Typica are  found in the region, with Caturra being the dominant variety. 

Asorcafe was founded in 2004 by ten coffee growers who were tired of selling their  coffee to parchment buyers who only offered prices below the national market. Asorcafé  exudes an entrepreneurial spirit as they have become leaders of their coffee growing  region. Asorcafé, in conjunction with private and state organizations, provides aid to  their members including subsidies for domestic economy, education, job training, and  healthcare services.