Wilbur Curtis G4 Thermopro Dual Brewer - 1.5 gal
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Wilbur Curtis G4 Thermopro Dual Brewer - 1.5 gal

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Boasting a series of high-tech advancements designed to make serving coffee easier than ever, users can experience the next generation of brewing with the Curtis G4TP2T10A3500 G4 ThermoPro twin 1.5 gallon coffee brewer with shelf and no dispenser. In addition to reliable operation in a space-saving design with an integrated hot water faucet, this unit can brew anywhere from 15-21 gallons of fresh, piping hot coffee per hour. The included shelf allows the operator to store decanters and carafes when not in use.

A large 4 3/8'' touch screen utilizes an intuitive icon-driven interface to streamline and simplify operation, while the unit's internal control offers real-time feedback on issues that arise during the brewing process to eliminate user error and reduce service costs. For additional assistance, a built-in self diagnostic system alerts the operator in the event of a system failure or when preventative maintenance should be performed. A multitude of customizable options can be accessed via the menu, as well as quick navigation to temperature, quality timers, and more. The unit also features pre-programmed recipes, with customizable brew settings of each type available for fine-tuned results. Finally, an energy-saving mode is easily customizable to the specific needs of your operation.

Engineered to be a truly leading-edge machine, the Curtis G4 ThermoPro twin gallon coffee brewer is ideal for use in any high volume cafe, diner, or restaurant. The unit requires a 220V electrical connection for either a 5100 or 7600W output.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 20 1/8"
Depth: 20 3/4''
Height: 35 1/8''