Our Mission & you.

Our Mission & you.

Our mission for doing coffee right!

If we haven't met yet, we're Collective Coffee Roasters, located right here in downtown Elko, Nevada! We are proud to be Elko's first Specialty Coffee roaster & we love being able to share what we are so passionate about with the people and businesses here!

A short intro to the team - Collective Coffee Roasters is comprised of 4 friends that happen to share the same love for great coffee. All of us were raised as Elko area natives and we carry deep ties to the community. Each of us have our own strengths that make us one great team when it comes to roasting Specialty Coffee and sharing all it has to offer.

Garret Kamps - Financials & Sales (Bottom Left)

Delynn Kamps - Head Roaster (Bottom Right)

Audrey Hornback - Roaster Assistant & Design (Top Left)

Daniel Garcia - Sales, Design & Website (Top Right) 



Now that you know who we are, give us a second to tell you what we are all about.

Our goal with Collective Coffee Roasters is not only to provide you with the best coffee from all around the world, but we collectively strive to provide you with the best customer service possible.

As a whole, we find ourselves yearning for more than just a one way business transaction where you buy our goods and we never hear from you or vice versa, we invite communication and feedback from everyone we come in contact with. At the heart of what we try to do with every interaction, whether it be wholesale or retail, is to leave the customer feeling happier & better than before. 

One way we do this is by providing our customers with the knowledge and info they need to enjoy & fully understand the hugely vast landscape of Specialty Coffee. So if you ever have any questions about how Collective Coffee Roasters does speciality coffee, please send us an email (info@collectivecoffeeroasters.co).

THIS is how we do coffee right! We want you to feel like you mean much more to us than being just another customer, because you do!

We are so proud to be here in Elko & can't wait to meet you!

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