Frequently Asked Questions


It’s totally up to you! We have options from weekly to monthly to every other month. Whatever speed you drink your coffee, we have a subscription interval that will meet your needs.

When you create a subscription with Collective, you will create an account for yourself. Just login and make adjustments as needed. Never hesitate to reach out to a team member if you need assistance.

No minimum commitment here! But we bet once you get ahold of our coffee, you won’t want to let it go.

It’s simple. Just select a coffee from our selection of single origin and blends, choose the frequency, and you are all set.

We charge standard USPS rates for single orders under $25, $4 flat rate shipping for orders over $25 and FREE shipping on all subscription orders.

We stand behind our product. If you don’t like the coffee you received, reach out and let us know why and we will do our best to provide you with the best quality coffee and experience we can.


Single origin coffees come from a single country and, in most cases with our coffees, a single farm or washing station. They differ from blends or regional blends in that the farmers focus on quality of the single lot. Each coffee is meticulously grown and processed to achieve a higher quality, which is evident in each sip.

We bring on coffee from all over the world! From our friend Florencio in Guatemala to the hills of Guji in Ethiopia, we seek quality coffee that take you on an adventure with every sip.

We roast our coffee on a Probat P12 drum roaster and use thermocouples and software to help our roasters create a beautiful cup every time.

The flavor wheel was created by the Specialty Coffee Association as a helpful tool in describing specialty coffees. We use it help us give names to the subtle nuances of coffee flavors like peach, cinnamon, and blackberry.

We don’t think there is a wrong way to enjoy coffee, and each of us enjoys our coffee in different ways. You can never go wrong with a pour over or other filter coffee. What we do recommend is always having freshly roasted (and freshly ground, if possible) coffee on hand to enjoy whatever way you choose to brew.

We have packaging specifically designed to house coffee. We recommend keeping your coffee in the bag provided and not in the fridge or freezer. We do recommend not storing coffee for long periods of time as it will loose some of it’s uniqueness. Luckily, a coffee subscription will keep you caffeinated with freshly roasted coffee as often as you need!

Brewing Equipment

All of our V70 brewers are dishwasher safe.

Reach out to us and a team member will help you with replacing any equipment damaged in shipping.


We recommend a medium-medium fine grind, slightly finer than you would use for a drip coffee brewer.


French Press

We recommend a course grind, slightly finer than what you would use for cold brew coffee.



Grind very finely. Coffee grounds should “clump” together and STAY clumped when pinched with your fingers.



We recommend a medium to course grind, slightly courser than what is used for Pour Over. Grounds may require a stir with a spoon to ensure they are all wet if using an auto drip brewer.


Subscribe For A Regular Delivery Of Quality Coffee

Make your daily coffee routine a joy. With our subscription service, you can have a consistent influx of your favorite single-origin roasts. Check out our offerings.

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