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At the heart of our craft is the love for coffee and the desire to share its exceptional qualities with our community. Coffee culture, in our eyes, is about embracing the challenge and the collaboration, creating connections, and welcoming everyone into this global community united by coffee. That’s the culture we’re cultivating in Elko, one cup at a time, inviting you to join us in savoring the moment and celebrating the art of coffee.

Fueled By Our Core Values

Espresso shot being served in glass shot
The Craft

We are continually honing the art and science of roasting to produce the highest caliber coffee possible.

CCR team and farm owners inspecting coffee plants
The Community

We believe coffee is a communal endeavor—we have the word collective in our name for a reason.

Coffee samples lined up a table for cupping
The Culture

We are building a culture of coffee enthusiasts.

Meet The Team

Garret Kamps
Garret Kamps


For me, life is about prioritizing quality over quantity. With the limited time we have, why settle for subpar coffee? My journey with exceptional coffee began with the desire to explore all its nuances. At Collective, I have the opportunity to live out this passion daily! By striving for excellence in both the final product and customer service, I am contributing to something remarkable. My aspiration is for our enthusiasm to be infectious, blessing all who encounter our coffee or our company with the excellence in coffee, relationships, and our dedication to all things… Excellent.

Delynn Kamps
Delynn Kamps

Head Roaster

My love for coffee sprouted from necessity (thanks to having kids) and blossomed into a passion for all things roasting! I began roasting at home on a popcorn popper in 2016, and that’s when my quest for knowledge took off. Together with my husband, Garret, we founded Collective Coffee Roasters with the mission to bring great coffee and joy to Elko. Over the years of managing the roastery, my love for coffee and the craft has flourished alongside our small business. It brings me great joy to know that you are savoring the craft to which I’ve dedicated my hard work!

Casey Parish
Casey Parish


Discovering the world of quality coffee became a passion during my time in Seattle, where two coffee enthusiasts, my roommates, ignited my curiosity. Through personal exploration, I realized that specialty coffee is more than just your average cup of Joe—it’s a unique experience. My journey to falling in love with coffee was gradual, driven by a growing understanding of what true coffee could offer. After moving to Elko, NV and learning of Coffee Collective Roasters, I felt compelled to join in and be a part of others’ journeys in uncovering the delights of exceptional coffee.

Our Story

A coffee bean’s unique qualities can be traced back to its origin. The same is true about a coffee roaster.

Collective Coffee Roasters’ origin story begins with its co-founders, Garret and Delynn Kamps, discovering their love for specialty coffee while living in Reno. As their passion for quality grew, the couple began buying beans from local roasters, exploring the various tastes and aromas, and learning more about the craft.

When they moved back home to Elko, however, they found that the city was devoid of specialty coffee. So they had beans shipped all the way from San Francisco, which proved to be both expensive and inconvenient. Innovatively, Delynn started roasting coffee at home with a popcorn maker before eventually buying a home roaster. Soon after that, friends began asking for these homemade roasts, and the requests became more frequent. So the Kamps joined with a couple others to form a company of coffee lovers on a mission to bring specialty roasts to their city.

That’s when Collective Coffee Roasters was born.

In 2017, CCR bought its commercial roaster and set it up in a storage closet at Dreez Restaurant, which was their one and only customer at the time. After developing CCR’s espresso blend, they began to supply some of Elko’s local coffee shops with specialty beans. As their business grew, more coffee lovers joined the CCR team. The community of “coffee people” connected to CCR was growing, too.

Roasting is both an art and a science. That’s what Delynn loves most about the process—tweaking variables, measuring results, creating something beautiful to share with others. Personally, she prefers African beans, especially Burundi, prepared with a V70 pour over. Garret’s passion lies on the sourcing side—learning the stories of CCR’s suppliers and helping local growers who strive for quality, innovation, and sustainability. He likes coffees that can be pulled as both an espresso shot and a pour over, then comparing the distinct flavors unlocked by these two brewing methods. It’s this kind of love for the craft that’s at the heart of coffee culture.

Coffee culture can be generally described as accepting and challenging, collaborative and welcoming. It’s a global community of people who value the connection that comes through coffee. And that culture is what CCR is creating in Elko today, inviting people to join them and savor the moment one cup at a time.

coffee poured in a cup

Coffee Culture

Coffee builds community, and community builds culture. We are helping shape a culture of sustainability, integrity, connection, present-mindedness, and joy.

We believe good coffee and community is an antidote to the frantic lifestyles of the modern world, and we invite people to experience the culture we’re creating.

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