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Bag of coffee from Ethiopia

What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is all about quality. It is carefully sourced, expertly roasted, and brewed to bring out the best flavors and characteristics of the coffee beans. Unlike commodity coffee, which is often produced in large quantities and prioritizes consistency and cost-efficiency over taste, specialty coffee places a strong emphasis on the unique attributes of the coffee beans and the production process, with a commitment to sustainability and the celebration of natural flavors.

Coffee Grading

Coffee grading is the art of evaluating how good a coffee bean is. Characteristics like origin, size, shape, ripeness, and flavor influence a bean’s grade. Coffee beans are also graded based on certifications, such as organic, Fair Trade, or Rainforest Alliance. These certifications indicate that the coffee meets ethical and environmental standards.

Single-Source Coffee

Single-source coffee, or single-origin coffee, is coffee that comes from a specific geographic location, typically from a particular region, estate, or farm. This approach is in contrast to blended coffee, where beans from multiple sources or regions are mixed together to create a composite flavor profile.

Distinct Flavor Profiles

Single-source coffee often has a unique and distinctive flavor profile that is influenced by the environmental conditions, soil, altitude, climate, and cultivation practices of the specific area where the coffee is produced. This uniqueness allows coffee enthusiasts to explore and appreciate the diverse flavors that different regions can offer.

Stay Caffeinated With Repeat Delivery

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The Flavor Wheel

Describing coffee is its own language. The flavor wheel is a helpful visual tool to give coffee drinkers the words to describe what their mouth is sensing. Primary flavor categories are at the center of the wheel, with specific nuances radiating from there.

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Quality From Crop To Cup

Our suppliers are local growers who strive for quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Our Roast Quality Speaks For Itself

We are on a relentless quest to produce the highest caliber coffee. Because of our passion for what we do, we are continually refining our skills—honing the art and science of roasting—to produce the best coffee possible.


Coffee Culture

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